Why Home Birth?

robin nestHave you ever wondered why birds lay and hatch their eggs in their own nests? I haven’t either. But just consider for a moment-the height at which nests are built, the fragile building materials used, the constant exposure to the elements, the movement of most nests with the slightest breeze… Wouldn’t birds be more successful at hatching eggs if they hatched them in a safer, lower, centralized birthing facility with emergency equipment available and 24 hour medical staff on call? Amazingly enough, God gave each mother bird the instinct to place those fragile eggs in the best environment in which to ensure that the most birds would survive. Do a few eggs fall and break? Certainly. But for most eggs, the nest is the safest place to be.

Home birth is not for everyone. If you are fearful of birth or your idea of the perfect birth is a medicated one, the hospital is the place for you. If you or your pregnancy are considered high risk for medical reasons, please embrace the idea of a hospital birth gratefully. I am so glad that we have the technology and facilities available to aid mothers with known medical challenges and/or the rare complications which may arise during labor which necessitate transport of a planned home birth.

However, if you are a healthy woman experiencing a normal pregnancy, wishing to have your baby on your own body’s schedule in the freedom and seclusion of your home, you may be a good candidate for home birth. Do you believe in the ability of your own body to deliver naturally and wish to limit unwanted and unnecessary interventions? Home may be the ideal place for your birth. I believe your “nest” creates the safest environment in which to welcome your newborn if you are enjoying a low risk pregnancy.