Home…An Out of Hospital Birth Option


During the Covid-19 pandemic, we are accepting late-to-care clients with low-risk medical histories who choose to deliver at home to decrease exposure of themselves and their infant to the virus.  Please give us a call at (616) 446-6114 to schedule your free consultation.

More Than Birth – Midwifery, LLC is designed to meet a healthy woman’s unique needs for care during her childbearing years. Because we view pregnancy as a physical, emotional and spiritual journey which involves much more than just giving birth, we seek to support women and families holistically. We believe in maximizing education, counseling, prenatal and postpartum support, with hands-on birth attendance, while minimizing technological interventions. While we are trained to identify and refer women who require obstetrical intervention, we specialize in normal birth.

Our office is located in Grand Rapids, and we serve women and families desiring home births within an hour’s driving distance of the greater Grand Rapids area.